My Every Day Make Up Routine

When I wake up in the morning, the thing I most look forward to (after a cup of tea, of course) is sitting down to do my make up. I just love it! It chills me out, gives me time to breathe and get my thoughts together for the day, and it makes me feel good at the end of it.


I don’t wear make up every day – if I’m having a chilled weekend I will most likely stay in my PJs, not brush my hair and definitely not waste my make up. That stuff is expensive!

But, sadly, I have a 9-5 (sigh…) so in the week I will wear make up, and I’ve had to nail a routine to minimise time spent getting ready in the mornings and maximise time in bed!!

It’s taken me a while to find my ‘Holy Grail’ products which I am happy to use every day. But, I finally feel like I’ve mastered my routine and now I’m ready to share it with the world!

So I’m going to list the products I use, in the order I use them, and tell you why I love them so much. I’ll also link everything, so if you want to try anything out you can shop it easily! I know, I’m the best.

Okay let’s go!

1) Primer
I use the Ordinary High Spreadability fluid primer. This stuff is the bomb! It blurs literally everything, hides my pores and smooths any texture I might have on my face. It’s the best thing to start your make up application with because it makes your face an actual blank canvas, so everything you put over the top of it sits perfectly. Plus it’s like, really cheap, and you don’t need much of it (hence the ‘high spreadability’) so it lasts a long time!

2) Foundation
I use Maybelline Super Stay 24H Liquid Foundation in the shade 10. This is a full coverage, long lasting foundation that doesn’t go cakey or separate after a few hours. It’s semi-matte, so it still has a subtle glow to it that makes it look almost like your real skin. Tbh it’s everything I could ever want from a foundation!

3) Concealer
I use multiple concealers for different things… And YES they are all necessary! Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Stick – I use this for adding extra coverage where I need it. Mainly under the eyes and on any redness on my cheeks. I use the shade neutraliser, which is slightly yellow, but it suits my skin tone the best.
Maybelline Fit Me concealer – I use this in the shade 0.5 purely for highlighting my face. For ages I struggled to find a drugstore concealer in a shade light enough to highlight my face, that wasn’t a weird pink colour. I have yellow undertones in my skin so the pink just looked so wrong!! This is the best I have found so far, it really brightens my face up. LA Girl Pro Concealer – I use this in the shade porcelain. This shade is a light orange colour, so I only use this when I have dark circles under my eyes (which actually happens to be most days). The orange cancels out the purpley-blue tones and makes me look like I’ve had a good 14 hour sleep! This is one of my favourite make up tricks, it makes such a huge difference.

4) Powder
I use RCMA no colour powder. I will always use this powder, even when I am old and wrinkly. It is absolutely without-a-doubt my favourite loose powder in the world. And it’s a bargain. I can’t believe how expensive some powders can be! (Laura Mercier, I’m looking at you hun…) Loose powder is amazing for setting creamy products on your face – you just pat them on with a brush or a sponge and it sets the creams, without you having to swipe a pressed powder over them and have them all move around as a result. The RCMA one doesn’t leave a white shadow under your eyes, it also doesn’t give flashback so you are free to take as many pics with flash as you like! I cannot recommend this stuff enough, honestly. Just try it, you won’t regret it.

5) Bronzer
I use a couple of different bronzers every day. Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in the shade light – this is legit the best contouring powder on the market. It is UNreal. Once blended out it genuinely looks like a shadow, so it makes me look like I have cheekbones – ACTUAL cheekbones! I also use it to contour my jaw line, my nose, and in my crease as an eyeshadow. It’s pricey, at £35 for quite a small amount of powder, but it’s lasted me 6 months now and I haven’t even really made a dent in it. So in my opinion it’s worth it. Mac mineralise skin finish powder – in the shade Give Me Sun. This is my O.G. bronzer which I have been using for years now. It’s orangey and glowy and perfect for getting the sun-kissed look. It’s very pigmented so I only use a small amount and make sure to blend it all out properly. But it’s a beautiful bronzer and my personal fave.

tin man.jpg
You know, this guy!

6) Blush
The one I use every day is from Nyx in the shade strictly chic. I am verrrry fussy about blush. I don’t like it to be too pink – I have naturally quite red cheeks anyway, so I don’t want to emphasise that, especially when I’ve just used half a tube of concealer covering them up! I also don’t like to use shimmery blush – I use a shimmery bronzer and I think adding more shimmer to my cheeks makes me look like the tin-man from Wizard of Oz. This Nyx one is perfect for me because it is matte, and it’s an orangey/peachy colour. It makes me look healthy and fresh, but doesn’t bring back the red-cheek look.

7) Highlight
Ahhhh my fave. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar glow kit which has 4 golden/pinky shades. I use the gold shades the most, my skin tone suits a more golden highlight. They blend like a dream and don’t leave chunks of glitter on your face, which is always a bonus! I also use my Dior Nude Air highlight in the shade 002 which gives me a beautiful wet look highlight. I don’t use this every day because frankly I don’t want to waste it. I think it’s genuinely the nicest piece of make up I own. (Thank you to my boyf for buying me this for my birthday, and thank you to my sister for telling my boyfwhat to buy me for my birthday!) 

8) Mascara
It’s always going to be Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I tried it on a whim 2 years ago when I was bored in Kings Cross station and the Urban Decay store caught my eye, and I was shook to my core. I don’t think I’ve used another mascara since! It lifts my lashes, it’s blacker than my soul, and it makes my lashes look fluffy. It also doesn’t transfer (unless I’m sobbing at The Notebook, in which case nothing can save my mascara).

9) Eyebrows
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo – shade dark brown. I like using a powder in my brows because I feel like it gives me the most natural look. It’s soft and easy to blend. I love this duo from Anastasia because I can easily achieve a nice ombre effect, by putting the darker colour at the ends of my brows and lightly placing the light power in the front for extra soft definition! I always finish my brows with a brow gel – either the Benefit gimme brow in shade 5 or the Nyx tinted brow mascara in shade espresso (a cheaper alternative!) The gel just sets them in place so they don’t smudge and makes the hairs stand out so they look natural(ish).

10) Setting Spray
Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day – my go-to setting spray. It just works really well! And it smells nice. So, it’s a win-win.


Et voila!
That is the make up I use every day. I have a video on my YouTube channel which shows exactly how I do my every-day make up look, you can watch it here.

Let me know your favourites, or if you have any suggestions for new products I should try out – I love experimenting and finding new amazing products!

H xx

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