My dreamy stay at The Ixian Grand Hotel – Rhodes, Greece

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have seen a few (cough, hundred…) pictures of my recent holiday to Rhodes. Yes, thank you, I had a lovely time!

I wanted to write a post about my holiday, to give a mini review of the hotel and show you some more pictures – because believe it or not, there are more…

So if you are interested in where I stayed, my thoughts and of course, my holiday outfits… Then please keep scrolling!

First things first, I must confess that I have a deep rooted love for Greece, so this blog post might seem slightly biased. I first visited Skiathos with my family around 7/8 years ago, and I have been to different Greek islands almost every year since. Skiathos, Kefalonia, Zante, Ithaca, Skopolos (where they filmed Mama Mia!) Corfu and now Rhodes.

So, even before I went to Rhodes, I was pretty sure that I would love it.

rhodes town
Rhodes Town at night

Rhodes is one of the more “touristy” islands, in comparison to say, Ithaca, which is more off-the-beaten-track and therefore slightly more “authentic”. This is not to say that Rhodes is not filled with Greek culture, because it definitely is!  It actually has a really rich history and lots of culture, brace yourself for some facts:

  • Rhodes is the largest Greek owned island in the Aegean Sea.
  • It’s home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – a big statue of the Greek Sun-God Helios built in 280 BC. We’re talking 33 metres high, which was at the time the tallest statue in the world. Really cute considering that nowadays the Burj Khalifa is 828 metres high. An earthquake messed Helios up pretty badly in 226 BC but the ruins of the statue are still on show in Rhodes Town today.
  • Loads of people fought over who got to own Rhodes island, because it’s in a really key position between the east and the west. The first settlers were from Asia, then after a war the Persians took over. Then there were more wars, and the Macedonians claimed Rhodes for a while, before eventually Rhodes fought for and won its own freedom. But not for long, Turkey, Persia and Italy all owned Rhodes at some point after this, until eventually it because a part of the Greek state in 1947. So far, still Greek.
rhodes map
You can legit see Turkey from the beaches in North Rhodes

Let’s talk about The Ixian Grand Hotel

This hotel was amazing from start to finish.

We arrived after a quick 15 minute transfer from the airport. We were welcomed with drinks and yummy nibbles (food is the quickest way to my heart) and our luggage was brought to our room for us. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and they seemed genuinely happy to be at work, which I think speaks volumes about the atmosphere of the hotel.

Our room was a suite with a private, swim-up pool. It felt amazing to be able to walk out of our room and look straight out onto the swimming pool – and even better to avoid the 8am rush for sun-beds by the main pool. We had our own sun-beds so we could start sunbathing whenever we felt like it. We also had our own private seating area on our balcony, which was perfect for a) catching golden hour for my evening photos and b) relaxing with a cocktail and watching the sunset.

The room itself was lovely – all white everything (goals!) There was plenty of wardrobe space, a very comfortable king size bed, mini-fridge, coffee machine… The works. We were also given fresh bottles of water every morning, which is great because tap-water is NOT a thing in Greece. (You have been warned!)

We booked on as all-inclusive guests, which basically meant that we were never hungry or thirsty (or sober…) I did have to teach Michael the art of using a buffet – he just kept coming back to the table with a plate of the most random food ever that was in no way, shape or form a meal. But bless him, he seemed to have a great time. And all of the food was delicious so whatever he picked always got eaten. I definitely gained a little “holiday weight” but the chocolate pancakes at breakfast were worth it. Oh, and the house wine was fab!


We also were treated to a free dinner in the 5* a la carte restaurant – Michael literally always makes friends on holiday, and it just so happened that this time he made friends with the guy that handles bookings… Genius! There was live Greek music (but the slow, classy kind rather than the OPA! kind) It was a set menu of SEVEN courses – your gal was in Heaven. I genuinely couldn’t finish the chocolate cake at the end, which still upsets me. But it’s definitely worth a visit, even if your charming boyfriend can’t get it for free.

The hotel has its own private beach, which the main swimming pool looks out onto. The beach is pebbly as opposed to sandy, which made the whole ‘walking’ thing slightly uncomfortable BUT the sea was worth it – crystal clear and the most beautiful shade of blue I’ve seen. And coming from someone who is terrified of the sea (I don’t like to go out of my depth in case a shark swims from underneath me and eats me) that’s a pretty substantial statement.  The swimming pool (definitely a safer option, far less risk of shark attacks) was lovely too. And all of this was right next to a well-stocked beach bar, which serves a mean Tequila Sunrise.

The point I am making is that this Hotel is amazing and if you are going to visit Rhodes then I would highly recommend staying here. It’s beautiful, clean, has a private beach and a variety of swimming pools and restaurants. The hotel staff are very attentive, and all of this is just a 5 minute taxi ride from Rhodes Town, which is beautiful and fascinating. It’s quite a pricey holiday – in that you could probably stay somewhere else on the island and still have a great experience and a lovely holiday for less money. But it wouldn’t be THIS luxurious experience. In my opinion, this holiday was worth every hard-earned penny.

So, I’m going to leave you with a few of my favourite holiday outfits, and info about where everything is from. (If you want to shop any of my outfits, follow my 21 Buttons account for links to literally everything I own!)

If you have any questions, or any comments, please feel free to leave them under this post or message me – contact details are on the CONTACT page. (Duh!)

I hope you all had a lovely summer, now bring on A/W 2018!

H xx

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