COATS & JACKETS | Our Top A/W 2018 Picks

It’s November, and it’s the UK, so obviously, it’s f*cking freezing. And, whilst this is not ideal in terms of frostbite, chapped lips and daylight that lasts for a maximum of 5 hours…. it does give us an excuse to wear cute coats and lots of ’em.

We’ve both picked out 5 coats/jackets that we are loving this season. Some of them are coats we own, some of them are coats we wish we owned, but will probably only ever own if we win the lottery 😦 maybe it’s time to start buying lottery tickets?

Anyway, all of them are coats and jackets that we loveeeee and wanted to share with you! So, if you’re on the hunt for some new outerwear, here are our suggestions:

G’s Picks

(disclaimer before I begin: I don’t own any of these coats because basically I quit my job to go on loads of holidays so I have no money to my name HELP ME I’M POOR)

Hands up if you love bright colours *raises both hands with spirit fingers*!! Honestly this is my favourite colour: as blue as the ocean, as blue as a dolphin, as blue as an iMessage from your shithead ex…… Anyway the colour is beaut and I can just imagine how soft the FAUX fur would feel, like imagine stroking that when you’re a few hours deep in a hangover, heaven! Its from Dolls Kill, and actually I’m a bit in love with all the clothes on their website so have a little browse of this coat and more here.

Hello and welcome to my new favourite small brand Desert Fox Collective.  SO vintage, SO chic, all pieces one of a kind, which is perfect because who wants to rock up to an event and find Karen from Accounts wearing your exact same outfit, no hun.  Animal print is my secret (not so secret) guilty pleasure, you run the risk of looking a bit Pat Butcher but that gal was iconic anyway so I don’t see the problem. Its sold out now but go and look at it and maybe cry that you can’t buy it and then treat yourself to something else from their website in the name of retail therapy here 🙂

This coat just screams Peter Griffin ‘I’m here, I’m queer, but don’t get used to it because I’m leaving’.  I’m one of the most extra people I know and I really, really love that about myself 🙂 What better way to get noticed than to cover your body in all the colours? And you get to keep warm at the same time.  Look on Minga London’s website, buy this jacket and feel like an edgier version of Beyoncé (and while you’re at it, buy me one too pls).

DJ KHALED, ANOTHER ONE from Dolls Kill. For when I’m ever in the mood to blend in and be subtle and understated (so like five minutes a year) I feel like this is the coat to do it in.  I love a bit of longline action and this would look killaaaaaa paired with a roll neck top (also imagine wearing this over, like, a v neck dress because no one would be able to see your clothes and you would look a bit naked hahaha). Okay so while I’ve been writing this I’ve decided to ignore my bank account and buy this coat, maybe for the naked reason, maybe because its fluffy, or maybe just because its called a teddy coat and that’s super cute. You can look at it too here, ya welcome x

Yeah babe, love it (and Shop Hirione because they upcycle all their clothes which means less clothes in landfill and more ice for polar bears; everyones a winner). Everyone needs a denim jacket or 12 in their wardrobe and why would you not want to add this one to your collection?  Its acid wash and it looks a bit cow printy which is cute because cows are like dogs that moo (don’t @ me, just watch the video of the cow playing fetch), and it has a GRL PWR message on the back.  Lets all get this coat and fuck the patriarchy together x x x

H’s Picks

I have been loving this coat and wearing it a lot recently. I actually bought mine from George @ Asda (don’t judge me) but they don’t sell it anymore. This one from Blue Vanilla is so similar though! It’s grey suede with zip and stud details, and soft white shearling inside. So cosy, I literally feel like a walking talking teddy bear when I wear this! You can shop this here.

This little leather/shearling number from Pretty Little Thing is definitely on my wishlist. I’m all about the teddy bear shearling vibes this winter, and the faux leather adds a chic touch. I feel like this would be so versatile, you could wear with leggings and an over-sized hoodie for a casual look, or with jeans, heels and a leotard to dress it up. I can’t wait for payday!! Shop this bad boy here.

Also really loving this long-line snake print trench from Pretty Little Thing. I’m not sure how warm it will keep me, but at least if I do die of hypothermia I’ll look cute..? It’s soooo good.  You could wear it belted over some leather leggings and barely there heels, or open over some jeans, with boots and a knitted jumper. Anything snake print is a YES from me. Shop this totally impractical but really pretty trench coat here.

Speaking of animal print… HELLO to this cute af leopard number from Zara! I’m seriously obsessed with this coat. I’d wear it with black jeans, boots and a high neck top, but I feel like you could also chuck this on over an LBD and some heels and look like an actual icon. It’s like £100 but can you really put a price on happiness? Uh oh, I’ve just talked myself into buying it… please join me. Buy it here.

I decided to finish with a Moncler. Because why not. Obviously, all Moncler coats are insane, but this is the one I’d choose if I could. I love the belted waist, and the high neck. A cream puffer is timeless too so it would be a smart investment. For all of you in (much) better financial positions than me… shop this here.

So there you have it, 10 cute af coats for you to choose from and your first insight into our very different styles.  All of these coats are 10/10 FASHUN, buy any of them and you will absolutely kill the AW18 game, we can personally guarantee it.  If you do get any of these coats and post a fire insta selfie, maybe it would be cute if you tagged us in it…. maybe? I mean if anything you get a couple extra likes, and who says no to extra likes?

Okay bye.

G & H x

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