Welcome to our blog!

We are sisters – in the biological sense, but also in the spiritual sense.
Soul sisters.
Best friends.

We made this blog so that we have a space to share our thoughts about life, opinions and all of our funny/weird stories.

Despite having a lot of the same DNA we are all very unique – different in our own way.
So, to help you get to know us each a bit better, we’ve written a little bit about ourselves below…

Hi, I’m G – obviously I wasn’t christened that, my given name is Georgina but as I got older my friends and family got lazier so now I’m G and anything else sounds a bit weird.  I basically love all things animal and nature (awkward if I matched you on bumble because thats my bio ((but yes I’m single so fit boys holla (((maybe this is why I don’t have a boyfriend))).  ANYWAY I did a degree in psychology and trained as a primary school teacher so you can expect a lot of blogs on current mental health topics, in children and in adults.  I also have quit my job to travel the world and educate myself on different cultures so you can follow that journey with me on here too… LET’S HAVE FUN X X X

I’m Harriet, I’m the middle sister. So yes, I basically hold this entire sisterhood together #middlechildsyndrome. I live with my boyfriend, just outside of London where there are like, trees and stuff. I have a full time job in London, where there are significantly less trees. I’m obsessed with our 3 dogs, aka the actual loves of my life. I’m a make-up junkie and have been ever since the time I tried my mum’s blue eyeshadow when I was about 9… I love clothes, and my bank balance hates me for it. I’m also just a little bit socially awkward!

Well they do say save the best till last!! *insert angel emoji* I’m Amelia, but you can call me Mill, we’re all friends here. I’m the youngest at 20, arguably the wildest of us all but also 100% our grandma’s favourite. I work in the City in property development admin and spend the majority of my free time with my besties making really bad decisions on a weekly basis, or in bed alone watching Jack Whitehall stand-ups on repeat… there’s no inbetween 🙂 I’m super passionate about celebrating individual differences and I’m an advocate for everyone embracing who they are, flaws and all. I also don’t really stop talking so I guess blogging will be fun??

So, there you have it! That’s us, in a nutshell.
Please do follow our blog, and our social channels, so you can join the fam… #KeepingUpWithTheSucklings

Thanks for visiting us, have a good scroll!

G, H & A xxx






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